There are people in the community who have contributed to my inspiration for this blog. I wouldn’t be at this wonderful place in my life without them. These are some of the most loving, caring and giving people I have ever met:



Mona Leung

Mona is a very talented hairstylist. We have become very close friends over the past few years and she has introduced me to a whole new world of spiritual experiences including ecstatic breath journey, Quantum Touch, and Conscious Planet. At her salon, Markus J Hair, not only does she help people look good, she also helps them feel good by promoting wellness. I don’t think this blog would be up if it wasn’t for her. Thank you, Mona!


Charles & Wind fence away from Camera

Charles & Wind Holmes

Conscious Planet has transformed my life. It hasn’t just changed my eating habits, it has helped me become aware of my spiritual connection with food and also the world around me. Charles & Wind are the founders of Conscious Planet, and they have dedicated their lives to educate others on how to live a healthy and disease-free life. They are the most loving and supportive couple, and I am blessed to have them in my life.


paul-and-kathie-scottPaul & Kathie Scott

Another great fun-loving couple, Paul & Kathie do pretty much a bit of everything. I really don’t know how they have time to fit in all the wonderful things they do. They lead Quantum Touch workshops (among many other things), and I absolutely love attending them. I feel so calm and centred after each session. They are youthful, energetic, and truly inspirational!



Ecstatic breath journey. This was my first real “energy” experience and Engel was there, guiding us through every moment. He is one of the most grounded, inspirational and well-spoken individuals I have ever met. Just being around him can put a smile on your face. He regularly holds workshops where he teaches how to use the power of your own breath to awaken every cell in your body. A truly amazing out-of-body experience.   Pneumaaura: Breath

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