Himalayan Salt Lamps: Are they really effective or just hype?

decorative lamp and energetic salt, Himalayan saltYou’ve probably seen or heard of Himalayan salt lamps before. They are these pink-orange colored hunks of salt with a light bulb placed inside, making it emit this unique, warm glow. Many alternative medicine healers will make all sorts of claims to the healing properties of these lamps. Some people even say that they can be cured of ailments such as asthma, allergies, respiratory diseases and mental health disorders just by visiting salt caves or having a salt lamp in their home. Can this really be possible? Read on to find out what I discovered.

The biggest claim as to why these Himalayan salt lamps are beneficial is because of the negative ions that they emit. It has been well-documented and shown in studies that yes, in fact, negative ions do have a benefical effect on your health. If you’ve ever walked on the beach beside the ocean or stood next to a waterfall, you’ve probably noticed that the air you breathed in was refreshing and rejuvenating; it’s the negative ions in the air that contributed to this feeling. Unfortunately, most homes and workplaces are lacking in negative ions, and usually instead have too many positive ions. These are produced by a lot of the electronics and household appliances commonly present in today’s environment. And these positive ions cause you to feel anxious, irritable and low on energy. So we know that negative ions can help to improve our quality of life. The question is, do these Himalayan salt lamps actually emit negative ions?


Many alternative health websites will claim that they do, however there is little research to support this claim. The argument is that even if these salt lamps do emit negative ions, the number of them is so insignificant that there would be little to no effect on improving your health. There is a lot more energy needed than can be produced in just one small light bulb to break the bonds in the salt and emit a significant number of negative ions.

So that’s what I found as far as research is concerned on Himalayan salt lamps. For me personally, I do have a salt lamp in my home and I absolutely love it. The warm glow from it gives me a wonderful feeling and it’s created a great energy in my space. Guests in my home always comment on how they are drawn to the light and the warm feeling they get from being around it. There are also countless claims from people online who have sworn by the health benefits they have experienced after bringing one into their home. Sure, there isn’t a lot of research out there to “prove” that it works. And it’s possible that the documented positive effects are a result of a placebo. I do think there are limitations, though, on what science can measure, such as positive vibrations or intuition. I don’t need to read a scientific study to know what makes me feel good.

So if you’re thinking about getting a Himalayan salt lamp, then I would definitely recommend it based on what I’ve experienced. I’m not going to promise that it’s going to make a radical change in your health. And if you find that it does, well then that’s a bonus!

Have you experienced something positive as a result of having a salt lamp in your home? Please share your experiences by leaving a comment!

6 thoughts on “Himalayan Salt Lamps: Are they really effective or just hype?

  1. I’ve thought about getting the salt lamp, but wondered if they really did work. You’re right… even if they haven’t been proven to work, if I get one and I think it’s making me feel better, then they really do work!

    Heading towards the light…

  2. Pink salt lamps, sea salt and himalayan salts are today’s great products for everyone. Concerning to me, i am a permanent patient of sinus even after operation it didn’t cure. Than i brought a salt lamp for my room and now i am very relaxed when i am in my house at least. This product is best for allergic patients. Must try.

  3. I’ve been using these himalayan rock salt lamps for years now and have them in every room in my house. They have helped me with some minor health problems i had like sinusitis and cluster headaches.Their glow is also very relaxing and the warm colors are just beautiful

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