Isolation tank: Float your way to better health and more happiness, naturally

What is sensory deprivation? It’s the numbing of all 5 senses achieved by lying in a floatation tank filled with salt water. Why would you want to do this? Well when you’re awake or sleeping, some or all of your senses are always stimulated. Even when you’re totally relaxed, you can still feel the chair or bed underneath you. The benefit of sensory deprivation is that you are free of all distractions. And when that happens, your mind is free to go wherever it wants to go. You can relax, let go and just dig deep to see what’s there, who you really are. There is a long list of proven health benefits to floating including stress relief, pain management, improving optimism and sleep, and the list goes on. Check out this video to see what Joe Rogan has to say about it:

A couple months ago, just before Christmas, I went floating again for my third time with a friend who was visiting me from Toronto. I find that every time I go, I get a different experience and introspection. The first time I went, which I put a blog post up about a year ago, I had more of a physical and visual high. This last time that I went, I found that I had a lot more intuitive feelings and thoughts about the big picture in life. The first thing that came to me was an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, which was perfect because it was just in time for the holidays. I decided that for Christmas gifts, I would give back to my loved ones with my time, instead of just focusing on buying monetary gifts. See what I wrote in the journal at Float House after this float:

 Journaling on third float experienceAfter the float session, I came back home with my friend who was staying with me and I journaled more about my experience. I had done a lot of problem-solving in the tank this time. I realized that I had to make a desk space in my home for all of the writing I was planning to do with the launch of my blog. Then I thought more about the feeling of gratitude that had come over me, not just for everyone around me, though this time mostly for myself. I push myself very hard sometimes and I can forget to just appreciate where I am in life and all that I have. I felt a true love coming from my chest for the world and the universe around me.

Float tank sensory deprivation chamber at Float House

And lastly, I thought about how giving relates to abundance. That whenever you’re feeling like you don’t have enough, or you’re tight on money, which happens to a lot of people around the holidays, it’s good to just give some more. To remember that the universe will always provide for you and sometimes you aren’t able to experience true abundance until you’ve given everything that you have. We talk about this a lot in the personal growth seminars that I’m involved with, and it finally made sense to me in the tank this time.

Thank you so much to Andy and Mike, the two brothers who brought Float House to Vancouver. If you haven’t experienced it yet, I highly recommend it! If you want to see if floating is available in your city, you can take a look here.

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  1. I still have yet to try one of the tanks. Your blog and the video are definitely motivators for me to get in one soon – thanks Rachell!

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